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By Kresta in the Afternoon MUMBAI, India – Catholics in Pakistan have begun the celebration of a Year of the Eucharist, in order to help them face the challenges affecting the Church in the South Asian country.
“Our Christians are facing multiple difficulties in Pakistan. But the Holy Eucharist bears out to be the source of strength for them in face of every new day dawning with new challenge in their life of faith,” Bishop Joseph Arshad of Faisalabad, the president of the Pakistan Catholic Bishops’ Conference, said in a statement.
“Hence, for Pakistani Christian community, the Eucharist is life and the basis of faith. Just like the international community of priests, the Pakistani priestly community too celebrates the Eucharist with high reverence. Wherein, the faithful take part with dedicated sentiment of faith. For every celebration of the Holy Eucharist touches their lives,” Arshad continued.
There are about 2.5 million Christians in the Muslim-majority country, making up less than two percent of the population. Of these, around half are Catholics.
The Year of the Eucharist in Pakistan runs Nov. 26, 2017 – Nov. 25, 2018.
“The opening ceremony of the Year of Eucharist was held on a national level in Karachi, and the closing will also be held next year …read more

Source:: Ave Maria Radio