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By Kresta in the Afternoon Ever wonder why people spend their hard-earned money on tickets to a concert or play and then, when they arrive at the venue, are too busy texting away, checking email or talking on their phone to take even the slightest interest in what they actually paid for? Well, if you answered “yes” to that question, you’re not alone.
I noticed this during our recent cruise vacation — an event that can be considerably more expensive than a concert or a night at the theater. One would think if the scenery and the events associated with today’s cruise itineraries weren’t enough to get a cellphone junkie’s attention, the money they’re spending would help them snap back to reality. But that wasn’t the case — at least on our ship. Despite the fact that we were on a virtual floating hotel with all kinds of great activities to keep us occupied, it was hard to ignore so many passengers who were glued to their phones. This happened poolside, where those permanently attached to their phones seemed oblivious to the steel band playing great music or the stunning blue waters of the Caribbean laid out before us. It happened over and over again in …read more

Source:: Ave Maria Radio