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I was a newly minted teacher (working in a Catholic school) when news broke of the sexual abuse scandal within the Church. I remember well the feeling of revulsion, of shock, and of betrayal.  How could these men, so similar to the men I had been blessed by my entire life, perform such horrible acts on children?

At the same time, I was scared of the rest of the world.  I was worried about speaking out because I didn’t want people to think I was abandoning the Church, even though I truly did have a crisis of faith, as many Catholics did at the time. My internal anger warred with my concerns about the perceptions of the external world.

One of the sisters at the school where I worked held a meeting for all parents and concerned community members. The room was packed to the gills, and the look on every face was the same: a mixture of anger and hopelessness.  At one point in the heated discussion, the diminutive sister shushed everyone and said with a voice full of consternation and authority, “Why do you keep asking what the Church is going to do about this?  This is YOUR church!  You ARE the Church!  What are you going to do about it?” …Read More >>>

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